Professionalism on the Job Can Pay Off Big

Professionalism on the job is often thought of as something mostly practiced in a corporate environment. However, that view shortchanges the men and women who go above and beyond every day in their workplace to treat both fellow employees and the public with respect.

Being pleasant, helpful, and polite may sound old-fashioned in a business world that can be cutthroat at times. However, these basic attributes have been around for ages for a very good reason: a stable and respectful workplace is a productive and effective one.

Mutual Respect

Your parents probably told you as a child to “treat others the way you want them to treat you.” That still applies in adulthood. Even if you are having a particularly bad day, it is important not to take out your frustrations on co-workers. If you feel that a fellow employee is responsible for the way you are feeling, then take it up with your supervisor; don’t berate or belittle that person in front of anyone else. Be helpful, efficient, and conscientious to the best of your abilities at all times.

Bullying Doesn’t Work

Some companies believe that a high-pressure environment is the best way to motivate employees, but in the long wrong, studies show that this is not true. Whatever results this approach achieves tend to be short-lived and can come at the expense of employee retention. Who wants to work in an environment that is combative on a daily basis?

Basic Courtesy is Easy but Can Pay Off Big

Knowing that both your supervisor and co-workers are on your side and respect you can be a great motivator. Many workplaces push for a team atmosphere using various team-building techniques. However, in many cases, such alliances can evolve naturally via mutual trust and confidence. Clients and other visitors to the business will pick up on this vibe and the message that this is a stable and harmonious workplace.