Home Security Code Tips

Home security systems have been a boon for all manner of dwellings during the past two decades. If someone should break in, the system will alert both you and the authorities with great speed, which is important when it comes to apprehending those breaking in. Today’s systems are so sophisticated, you can even program them using your smartphone while in another city.

Like your phone, you need to come up with a code. Here are some tips to think about when choosing your home security system code:

Don’t Pick a Code Already in Use

It can be very tempting to use the same code across all of our devices, but it’s a very bad idea. If a hacker figures out that one code, everything is vulnerable. When creating your security code, come up with something different from your usual method.

When choosing, try to avoid numbers that can be easily tied to your identity. For example, if you have your birthday year as the code and that information is already out there on social media, you might as well not even have a code. Take the time to come up with something unique that you can easily remember.

Periodically Change That Code

Never use the same code for too long. Change it up every six months at the most.

Give Everyone Their Own Code

Some families all use the same code, but it is actually a wiser idea for their to be several codes in use. This would not apply to young children, but having, for example, teenagers with their own code would allow you to check the system and make sure that they are remembering to re-arm it. You can also see whether they are adhering to your rules regarding how late they can stay out and when they should be at home.