Why Do People Love Cottages?

I don’t know about you, but my idea of the perfect vacation involves me doing as little as humanly possible. That includes anything that has to do with cleanup and maintenance of where ever I am staying. Owning your own cottage sounds quite romantic and fun, but there is also a great deal of work and responsibility that comes with this northern prize.

And yet, many people accept that and are quite happy with their cottages. Here are a few reasons why:

A Home Away from Home

While there is nothing wrong with letting other people do the work for you, some people just to have a second home away from home. That means knowing precisely the environment they are coming to and having full control over it.

That familiarity allows them to enjoy a predictable environment away from their regular one. That sense of comfort means that they can more readily relax and take in the pleasures of this alternative location.

Relaxing by the Lake

People who lived near a lake may come to take its pleasures for granted. But for those who spend their time in the rat race of the city and the suburbs, a lake is a peaceful oasis of calm in an ever-rushing world.

Water lapping gently against the shore can bring about a sense of relaxation and peace of mind. Those are two very desirable states for most people after surviving the work week.

Bonding with the Kids

Many cottage owners have families and this getaway place provides a perfect opportunity to play and bond with their children in an environment that is quiet, safe, and filled with natural beauty.

It can be a great place to learn new skills such as swimming, canoeing, and hiking. Or you can simply practice older skills and become more proficient at them.