Ways to Stay Awake Behind the Wheel

Driving typically requires a good amount of attention and effort. In fact, if that is not the case, you are probably not doing it properly. Depending on the road conditions and the length of the trip, it can also be pretty exhausting. You have no doubt heard about being people falling asleep behind the wheel and becoming involved in horrific accidents.

Whether you are a professional truck driver or simply someone commuting to and from work, it is imperative that you never nod off while driving. Ideally, you should always try to leave enough time that you don’t have to make a long drive, but if that is not possible, here are some suggestions that can help assure you don’t lose consciousness while on the road:

Be Well Rested

If you know you have a long drive coming up, make sure that you have a good sleep beforehand. Even a nap for an hour or two is better than nothing. Alter your schedule to make some sack time possible.

Take Breaks

Unless you are in the middle of nowhere and don’t feel safe getting out of your car, stop periodically and walk around. It doesn’t have to be a long walk, but try to take a break for at least a few minutes. Better to be a bit late than to never arrive.

Roll Down Your Windows

Let some cool air hit you in the face.

Audio Distractions

Listening to loud music helps a lot of people stay alert. Others use podcasts or audiobooks because the content forces them to concentrate.

Have a Drink

No, not alcohol. Many people reach for caffeine to avoid sleep and that can work. However, it also can dehydrate you. Your body will work better if you drink a lot of water during the trip. That might mean pulling over more, but that trip to the restroom will also help keep you going.

Eat a Proper Meal Beforehand

One of the reasons people conk out is because they run out of energy. That can be the result of not eating properly. Sugary and fatty foods may provide a boost, but not a lasting one and you inevitably come crashing down. Eat a proper balanced meal before you leave. However, don’t eat so much that it makes you feel sleepy.

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