Is Your Child or Teen Obese?

There is growing concern around the world about obesity. Being overweight is bad for your body in a number of ways, including negatively impacting your blood pressure and heart function, as well as leading to diseases like diabetes.

While weight problems are occurring across all age groups, there is particular concern regarding children. Diabetes used to be a disease that affected people in middle age, but now some children are getting Type II diabetes. It is a true shame that anyone should have to deal with the scourge of diabetes, but to have it at such a young age is truly tragic.

CTV News reported today that the childhood obesity rate is ten times what it was in 1975. If that were not disturbing enough, should the trend continue upwards at this rate, it will not be that many years before there are more obese children than those at their proper weight.

There are a number of factors that can lead to childhood obesity. In decades past, the finger was usually pointed at television for making children sedentary. Now, of course, there are a multitude more entertainment options, including computers, videogames, and smart phones. The result is more and more children spending less time playing sports and exercising in favour of sitting in front of a screen and not working off those extra calories.

Experts have wrestled with what the right answer is. If it is such a challenge to get children more interested in physical activity, then it would seem that the only answer is to strictly police their diet. That means a proper and nutritious menu of food, with little or no junk and excess sugar. As anyone who is trying to lose weight will tell you, it takes tremendous willpower, so it is tough to imagine that most children will be able to adhere to such a plan, sadly.

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