What to Do When You Feel Alone and Unwanted


Very few human beings can do without other people, even individuals they hardly even know. We often think things like, “Life would be so much easier if I didn’t have to deal with so-and-so; I’d be better off alone.” However, absolute loneliness is quite unhealthy and unnatural. Human beings are social creatures that do their best when they socialize and work together.

Because this is our natural state, loneliness can be difficult to deal with. If you are feeling lonely and unloved, here are some things to remember that can help:

You Will Get Through This

Remember times in the past when you have faced bad situations. You got through those, right? They might have seemed impossible at the time, but you powered through and a solution eventually presented itself. Keeping this in mind can help you to endure other similar moments of loneliness.

Put Your Feeling on Paper

Sometimes letting everything just pour out of you on to a piece of paper (or your word processing program) can make a real difference. It is like a weight falling from your shoulders. The problem might still be there, but you may be in a better state of mind to deal with it once your negative emotions have poured out.

Ignore Your Inner Critic

You know that inner voice that pops up from time to time in your head and says things like, “You’re not good enough,” “No one could ever love you,” or “You’re a phony and everyone knows it”? That’s your inner critic speaking and it is the voice of irrationality. You should never listen to your inner critic, especially when you are feeling down. However, this can be quite tempting because you are at your most vulnerable. When these thoughts arise, dismiss them as the untruths that they are.

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