Worried About Getting Malware on Your iPhone? Here are Some Tips That Can Help

Malware and viruses are a common annoyances for those with laptop and desktop computers. But did you realize that you can also get them on your smartphone? It actually makes sense as smartphones are really just tiny computers. Do you worry about such a thing infecting your Apple device? The iPhone just celebrated its tenth birthday, but you can still do your part in keeping your device safe.

Here are some steps that can help:

Avoid Jailbroken Phones

Jailbroken phones offer certain advantages, such as allowing the installation of apps not available from Apple. However, this can come at a price as the jailbreak process removes much of the device’s security protection, leaving it vulnerable to viruses and malware. On top of that, jailbreaking also makes your phone more likely to be hacked.

Stick With Apple-Approved Apps

It may sound like corporate control that is forcing you to stick with Apple products—and it is, really—but only using apps the company approves helps to maintain the integrity of your device. In doing so, you will only be downloading apps that have been vetted by Apple. The company also verifies all of the developers that produce them.

On the plus side, Malware is far more prevalent on Android devices than on iPhones (however, if you suspect there is a virus on your iPhone already, this handy guide can help you to remove it).

Hacks and other vulnerabilities are not unprecedented on iPhones, however. Wikileaks’ Vault 7 release included information on methods used by the CIA to break into iPhones and other iOS devices. Fortunately, although the information is now out there, Apple insists that it has since removed these security flaws.

So, rest assured that you are far more likely to get a virus on your laptop or desktop computer than on your phone. It never hurts to be vigilant, though.



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